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Graduate Certificate in Management

Want to take your current (or future) career to a higher level but feel you lack the business knowledge and leadership skills to get there? The Graduate Certificate in Management gives you the tools to be a more effective leader within your organization.

This program is ideal for working professionals who need the academic credentials and knowledge of core business disciplines to take on higher-level challenges in the workplace, but who are not ready to commit to an MBA program.

Our Master of Business Administration classes combine rigorous academic learning with real-world experience. Our combination of experiential and academic learning will ensure you are able to lead with confidence.

Courses contribute to our MBA program

The Graduate Certificate in Management offers much more than workshop-based development programs; it provides semester-long academic rigor in a classroom-learning environment. If you decide to complete the full MBA program your certificate course credits will then count toward the degree requirements.

The program takes 2-3 years to complete part-time or can be completed in one year full-time. Courses generally alternate from day to evening each year to accommodate your working schedule.

Only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible for admission.

Required courses

  • MBA6106 Information Technology and e-Business
  • MBA6153 Corporate Governance and Law
  • MBA6203 Accounting for Managers
  • MBA6303 Marketing Theories and Strategies
  • MBA6403 Financial Management
  • MBA6503 Organizational Studies
  • MBA6606 Business Data Analysis
  • MBA6607 Production and Operations Management


To be admitted to the Graduate Certificate in Management program you must have:

  • Three to five years of full-time, business-related work experience.
  • An undergraduate degree in any field of study;
  • A minimum 3.0 out of a possible 4.3 cumulative grade point average; (70% or B average)
  • Competency in English