Step Four: Deposit Your Final Version into UNB Scholar

Note: Please note it is very important that you submit the electronic version of your paper to the Graduate School for formatting verification before you print any hard copies.

What is UNB Scholar?

UNB Scholar (formerly known as RiverRun) is a digital repository created to capture, archive, and distribute the University's electronic research records, such as theses and dissertations, conference and working papers, preprints, journal articles, and e-Learning material. Developed by UNB Libraries, UNB Scholar is currently in wide use for theses and other intellectual property. Submitting a thesis to UNB Scholar at UNB is a free service and it allows graduate student research to be available either locally or world-wide.

Preserve your work permanently!

The four main objectives for having an institutional repository are:

  • to create global visibility for an institution's scholarly research;
  • to collect content in a single location;
  • to provide open access to institutional research output by self-archiving it;
  • to store and preserve other institutional digital assets, including unpublished or otherwise easily lost ("grey") literature (e.g., theses or technical reports).

Students who wish to hold onto the online distribution of their work for publication purposes can still deposit in UNB Scholar: the database allows you to select the conditions of use settings that are right for you.

Please read the Non-Exclusive License to Reproduce Theses - What You Should Know document for information on copyright/distribution queries when you submit to the School of Graduate studies.

For further information on copyright/distribution issues, please contact the School of Graduate Studies.

Why use UNB Scholar?

There are many benefits for students deciding to use UNB Scholar as a means to store their thesis; some of which include:

  • Theses and dissertations will be accessible to the world instantly in an academically-accredited online repository. In contrast, a thesis submitted in paper (hard-copy format) normally takes up to six months for inclusion in library collections.
  • Multimedia and web-native dissertations will be more widely accepted and better preserved.
  • Other supplementary digital data can be preserved alongside digital dissertations if submitting to UNB Scholar.
  • When submitting to UNB Scholar, students will be given a permanent URL (or URI), which contains their name, thesis/dissertation title, abstract, keywords, PDF and XML version of their work, and any supplementary files they require. This will allow students to have a permanent point of reference to give to whomever they want.
  • Theses will be more readily available to potential employers and other researchers to read and cite.
  • More exposure for students and faculty, which can lead to opportunities such as book offers and a much higher citation rate.

UNB Scholar submission process:

Note: Before submitting to UNB Scholar, you must have successfully defended (or successfully passed) your thesis/dissertation and submitted the appropriate forms to the School of Graduate Studies and UNB Libraries.

Next, email your PDF to Jackie Seely (Cc: ETD Submissions). If your submission is too large to send via email attachment, you can also use UNB's secure File Drop application. If you do submit via File Drop, please send the submission to both Jackie Seely (SGS) and Rob Glencross (UNB Libraries).

When sending your files, make sure you include:

  1. Your full name
  2. The full degree title and abbreviation
  3. The date of completion

We will then verify the PDF with the School of Graduate Studies for version accuracy and then it will be deposited into UNB Scholar.

Once your work has been successfully uploaded to UNB Scholar, you will be given a permanent URL (or URI, Uniform Resource Identifier). This is a permanent, online reference that contains your Project Title, Name, Abstract, date, and all files (i.e. PDF) associated with your final work. Browse through existing theses and disserations here.

Distribution License

There is one last step: In order for RiverRun to reproduce, translate and distribute your submission worldwide, you must agree to the following terms.

By submitting your thesis/dissertation, you agree to the following:

Note: You are able to embargo your thesis or specific parts of your thesis/dissertation with cause.


By signing and submitting this licence, you (the author(s) or copyright owner) grants to the University of New Brunswick (UNB) the non-exclusive right to reproduce, translate (as defined below), and/or distribute your submission (including the abstract) worldwide in print and electronic format and in any medium, including but not limited to audio or video.

You agree that UNB may, without changing the content, translate the submission to any medium or format for the purpose of preservation.

You also agree that UNB may keep more than one copy of this submission for purposes of security, back-up and preservation.

You represent that the submission is your original work, and that you have the right to grant the rights contained in this licence. You also represent that your submission does not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe upon anyone's copyright.

If the submission contains material for which you do not hold copyright, you represent that you have obtained the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner to grant UNB the rights required by this licence, and that such third-party owned material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text or content of the submission.


UNB will clearly identify your name(s) as the author(s) or owner(s) of the submission, and will not make any alteration, other than as allowed by this licence, to your submission.

If you have questions regarding this license please contact the School of Graduate Studies.

You're Done!

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the ETD process! We at the University of New Brunswick wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. We have confidence that you will be successful with whatever you choose to do; whether it be continuing your education or heading full-speed into your career!

We hope that your experience was a positive one and if you have any feedback, don't hesitate to contact us!