Step Two: Submit Drafts for Review

The Thesis Development System (TDS) has been discontinued as of July 31st, 2013. Please use UNB's File Drop application until we have replaced it with a new system.

About UNB Secure File Drop

The File Drop application is a simple file-sending tool for students, faculty, and staff who have a UNB account, and is great for projects that are very large in size. You simply need to insert your name, your email, recipent's email and attach the file. It will then send a temporary link to the destination email supplying the location of the attached file on UNB's server.

How quickly must the file be retrieved?

Recipients are notified via email when you drop a file for them. They will have one week to download the files. A recipient may download a file multiple times before it is deleted. If you provide a valid email address for yourself, you will be notified whenever a recipient downloads your file(s).

How long do files remain on the server?

Files remain for a maximum of seven days. Individual users can choose to delete received files from their own drop box sooner. If you provide a valid email address, you will be notified when files you drop are deleted.

Are there any limits to what I can send?

In order to ensure the system remains available, each recipient has an individual limit of 512.00 MiB. When you send a file, it will be delivered to all recipients that have enough available space—you'll receive a warning if one or more of your recipients would reach their limit with your file. Filedrop may also be temporarily shut down if overall usage exceeds the system's limit.

Who will be able to access my files?

Files can only be retrieved via an email link which requires the UNB user to log in to receive the file. While stored on disk, the files are encrypted with a unique key.

What security is in place?

The file transfer itself is encrypted through a secure HTTP connection, and files on disk are encrypted with a unique key. This provides greater security than sending attachments through email.

Need Technical Help?

If you are having any technical issues, please contact the UNB IT Service Desk, serving all faculty, staff, and students on both campuses.



  • 457-2222 (Fredericton)
  • 657-2222 (Saint John)

In Person

  • UNBF - HIL Learning Commons
  • UNBSJ faculty/staff - Hazen Hall room 336
  • UNBSJ students – Hans W. Klohn Commons