Adult Learners and Part-time Students (ALPS)

ALPS is the elected student body representing all part-time undergraduate students at UNB Fredericton, including full-time undergraduate adult learners (+25 years), and part-time distance students taking courses through UNB Fredericton.

ALPS was established to respond to the unique concerns and issues of adult learners and part-time students, to provide a support network, to help create an enriched university environment, and to act as an advocate.

Your part-time student fee supports ALPS activities, scholarships and bursaries.

Located in Marshall D'Avary Hall, 10 MacKay Dr., Room 130A, ALPS


  • Offers drop-in centre with a relaxing lounge space, small resource library, and computer lab with scanner and printer
  • Offers free weekly coffee sessions and networking opportunities where students can meet and share their experiences with other like-minded individuals
  • Hosts regular social activities for its members and their families
  • Supports other organizations and special events on campus as well as student support workshops
  • Subsidizes a percentage of private tutoring costs

Scholarships and Bursaries

ALPS sponsors 2 awards that are open to most part-time undergraduate students at UNB Fredericton. Find out more...

ALPS Executive

There are many opportunities for students to gain valuable experience by volunteering with ALPS. ALPS Executive members are elected in May for a one-year term and work on specific portfolios pertaining to the organization.

ALPS has representation on various university committees, as well as a student representative on Senate. This ensures that the voice of our members is heard in major decision-making processes at UNB.

Learn more and get involved with ALPS, contact:

Lori Redmond, Coordinator
Telephone: 453-3596