"It seems the broader educational community is moving towards outcome-based interdisciplinary learning.  Witnessing this shift in educational values, I was excited to discover that the BIS program at UNB that was ahead of this curve.  If you’re after a program that helps you develop unique competencies and skill-sets for the new era we’re living in – lucky you – the BIS program has what you need.”    
Alex Leblanc


"As an adult learner having completed two certificate programs through CEL, I came to a crossroad where I chose the BIS program over other degree programs at UNB.  I am happy I made that choice – the BIS program proved to be the best fit for me.  I was able to customize the program to meet my needs by having access to courses not otherwise open to students.  And the leadership component gave me the opportunity me to grow and develop as a person and leader, equipped with learning and experiences I can refer to in my everyday life, both inside and outside of work."  
Patricia Lavoie, Human Resources Trainee, Government of Canada

"I would highly recommend this program! It is geared towards adult learners, enables an individualized program of study, and awards credit for prior learning—what an incentive! The staff of UNB's College of Extended Learning were so insightful, and provided wonderful guidance throughout the process."
Laurie Guthrie Hayes, Ec.D., BIS
Promotions Officer, Team Fredericton - City of Fredericton

"For me, the BIS degree is the perfect fit! It is a flexible and inclusive program that offers incredible choices. Past experience and education are
considered, which is very beneficial for mature students like myself. Thanks to the BIS program and the wonderful staff, my career goals can now be reached!"
Stephanie Sedgewick,
Educational Sign Language Interpreter

"The BIS program gave me unity to the mosaic of my interdisciplinary studies. My dreams are now goals and my goals are realities. I am now enabled to fulfill my own expectations of myself, specifically with my recent acceptance into the Bachelor of Education program here at UNB."
Shannon Amey