Renaissance College (RCLP) Courses

Renaissance College offers innovative interdisciplinary leadership courses.

Gain a better understanding of Renaissance College's purpose and core values. As part of the BIS program, you will complete at least 15 ch of RCLP courses within the first two years of your program. RCLP 3030, the Integrated Learning Portfolio course is taken in the first year of study - an additional 12ch is taken during year one and two. Students interested in completing a second Minor by taking additional Renaissance College courses beyond the required 15 ch, should contact the Dean of Renaissance College.

To assist BIS students in completing their Renaissance College concentration, the Renaissance College courses are offered in a web-based format. The following courses are offered on a two-year cycle with the exception of RCLP 3030, which is offered each year. BIS students are expected to take the web-based version of the RCLP courses. Please consult the UNB timetable to determine which courses are offered by term.

Web-based RCLP Courses that comprise the Certificate in Leadership Studies

RCLP 1001 – Leadership Foundations
RCLP 1011
- Worldviews, Culture and Religion
RCLP 1062
– Citizenship and Community
RCLP 2001
- Practicing Leadership in Community Projects
RCLP 3030
- Integrated Learning Portfolio

All RCLP web-based courses are open to any UNB student or prospective student.