Intellectual Property & Copyright

When we talk about intellectual property and copyright at UNB Online, we usually mean two very different things:

By 'intellectual property' (IP), we usually mean your content and course material, i.e. the material that you create, embed in your online course, and deliver to your students. It is intellectual property as defined in the AUNBT collective agreement. As such, it is subject to the rules and regulations stipulated therein. In most cases, you fully own your content; but under contract, you agree to grant UNB Online a license to use your IP for the purpose of teaching an online course for a certain period of time.

'Copyright' issues also have to do with content and material that you embed in your online course, but which you might not have created yourself and which might not belong to you. Examples are articles and diagrams taken from a journal or a textbook, or images found on the web. To use copyrighted material legally, you need to seek and obtain permission first. Alternatively, you can look for material that is in the public domain, which can be used freely and legally without seeking permission first.

Need More information?

For more information about copyright, contact Josh Dickison, Copyright Officer at the HIL Library . Josh can help you with most aspects of copyright law, policies and procedures, and can help you get clearance.