Development Support

UNB Online has expertise in Instructional Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, programming, and production assistance.

UNB Online provides planning and management services to content creators interested in developing online courses. These services include needs analysis, cost assessment, pre-production planning, design advice, one-on-one training and coordination.

UNB Online often works with faculty members and other course authors to help them install their course content on D2L, which is UNB’s official LMS (Learning Management System).

UNB Online staff can also review technology-enhanced courses to ensure that their format is compatible for the web and that they include consistent technical information to facilitate the learner’s experience.

Are you thinking of developing an online course?

UNB Online is located second floor of Marshall d’Avray Hall, room 249. Don't hesitate to contact us if you require our services.



Production Support

To see content on-line, a coding language such as HTML is needed. You can convert your text documents to the HTML language and use an HTML editor, such as Dreamweaver, to improve the document’s Web appearance. You then need to install the elements of your course in a learning management system such as Desire2Learn.

Although readying your course notes and materials for the Internet may not be overly difficult, you may be challenged by time. You can choose to have UNB Online take care of all course production. On occasion, UNB Online staff has received a professor’s notes only and fully built the D2L course.

One-on-one Training and Tutoring

If you prefer to develop the course yourself, UNB Online can provide training and one-on-one tutoring. A production assistant will show you how you can easily convert your word processing document to HTML code and how to use Dreamweaver.

The UNB Online production assistant can also tutor you in the use of D2L and help you incorporate audio, video, graphics, and animation into your D2L course.

UNB’s Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning (CETL) also offers training sessions in D2L and other software programs that could help you in your course design. Be assured that all the support you need to develop your course will be available for you.

Sample Courses

Using Desire2Learn (D2L), UNBOnline and CETL have created online tutorials and demonstrations to help you with course design. All UNB faculty and staff may be granted access to these tools.

You can also request to see good examples of D2L courses developed by your peers.

Instructional Design Expertise

Adhering to good instructional design may minimize the student drop out rate from online courses.

A course that has communication features, poses thought-provoking questions, contains self-tests or practice quizzes, and directs students to other resources can do much to encourage students to stay on task.

Using good instructional design, we can coach you regarding the development of your online course. We can help design you course using our knowledge in the following areas:

  • Learning theories
  • Sequencing
  • Writing objectives
  • Developing assessments
  • Choosing media / delivery
  • Using HTML
  • Chunking information for online delivery
  • Basics of graphic design