STAT 2263



Course No. and Title:

STAT 2263 Statistics for Non-Science Majors

Credit Value:

Three (3) credit hours

Benefits of the course

  • Meets the Statistics course requirement for a wide variety of university programs, including: Business/Commerce, Education, Health and Environmental Studies, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research.
  • Designed to maximize student engagement and successful completion. Course delivery is based upon a custom-made set of Module Lessons tailored specifically to the course curriculum. The lessons are easy to follow, and provide with clear examples and practice questions based upon relevant real-world applications.
  • No textbook required.
  • The course instructor is an experienced distance-delivery and classroom instructor of university Introductory Statistics, and is also the developer of the course materials.  The instructor is committed to providing prompt and thorough replies to student queries, as well as prompt grading and return of assignments to students.
  • Flexible  timelines for submission of assignments, Students can plan their work on this course around their other school, work, and personal schedule commitments.
Course Description:

An introductory Statistics course for students already enrolled or planning to enrol into various non-science programs, such as Education, Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Environmental Studies, and other Humanities and Social Sciences studies.

Course topics include: Types of Statistical Data; Populations vs. Samples; Descriptive vs. Inferential Statistics; Uncertainty and Probability; Discrete Probability Distributions including the Binomial Distribution; Continuous Probability Distributions including the Normal and t-Distributions; Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem; Confidence Intervals; Hypothesis Testing with Numerical and Categorical Data; Linear Regression; ANOVA.


High School Grade 11 Mathematics or equivalent.

Course Author:

Robert Krausz, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New Brunswick. T: (604) 485-2421; E:

Course Features:

Online lesson files with full-solution examples that cover all course topics

Lessons, examples, and assignment questions are all custom-developed for this course – meaning that there is no required textbook to purchase

Course Format:

Five course modules:

  1. Introduction to Statistics
  2. Probability
  3. Sampling Distributions
  4. Hypothesis Testing
  5. Linear Regression, ANOVA, and Contingency Tables

A comprehensive, paper-based hand-in assignment after each module

A comprehensive, paper-based final examination at the end of the course

Course Texts: None required to purchase – all course lesson materials, examples, and assignments questions are provided with course enrolment.
Assignments & Examinations:

Module Assignments: 5 x 10% each = 50%

Final Written Paper Exam = 50%

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Time Limit: Six months from date of registration.

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