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Course No. and Title: Sociology 3634 Violence Against Women
Credit Value: Three (3) credit hours
Course Description:

This course will examine issues pertaining to violence against women in Western society, including gender socialization, gender dynamics, the contributions of social institutions (e.g., sports; the media; schools; the workplace; the military; the medical, legal and criminal justice systems) to violence against women, and the special vulnerability of girls, adolescents and women in marginalized groups.



Course Author:

Dr. Nancy Nason-Clark,

Dr. Barbara Fisher-Townsend,

Course Features:

Each module has a PowerPoint presentation and an assignment sheet.

Course Format:

There are 13 course modules. The first module is a welcome/introductory module that offers the opportunity for two bonus marks should students complete the short introductory quiz at the end.

Course Texts:

All of the articles are available on-line through the library reserve tab.  Simply type in either instructor’s name and in the dropbox select the term.  A listing of courses will appear and simply select the appropriate course for links to all of the required articles.

Assignments & Examinations:

Twelve modules of the course include student assignments (the first module includes only the welcome and general administrative details which we have called the Online Welcome.  In each of these 12 modules, there will be four component parts:

1) The Consider portion:
Here students will be asked to think about a subject BEFORE they begin looking at the powerpoints, or reading the assigned article(s). We have included this segment of each module to help students to identify some of their pre-conceived notions about the subject, or to draw links to what they already know about a particular issue. In terms of CONTENT there are no right or wrong answers in the Consider portion. We are looking for you to offer your own opinion, or your own insights. You will be evaluated on how thoroughly you offer a clear and concise overview of your own opinion, and how well you present it in the maximum number of words allowed.

2) The View portion:
Here students will be asked to view the powerpoint slides and read carefully the notes that have been prepared.  You will be asked to write a short response to a question based upon your understanding of the content provided in the slides and accompanying text.

3) The Read portion:
Here students will be asked to read the article (or in some cases two articles) that have been assigned to the module. You will be asked to write a short response to a question, or a task, that is meant to reveal your understanding of the content of the article and your ability to synthesize the concepts, theories and issues raised.

4) The Implications portion:
Here students will be asked to do something—or think about what a person might do as a response to the particular topic we have been discussing. This portion involves something of a more practical nature.

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Time Limit: 6 months

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If you have previously registered in this online course and wish to register again, please contact us at 453-4646 to complete the registration process.