SOCI 3403

Course No. and Title: Sociology 3403 Social Interaction
Credit Value: Three (3) credit hours
Course Description:

The focus of this course is on providing students with an understanding of a range of sociological concepts that are helpful in describing and analyzing social interaction in everyday life.  Through a selection of readings, the focus will be on human lived experience.  Following discussion of the origins of social interaction as a branch of social psychology, contingencies such as socialization, group phenomena, language, stigma, inequality, gender, aggression, etc., all of which impact social interaction, will be considered. An important focus of this course is on disjunctures in interaction brought about by issues of violence; race and racism; ageism; mental illness and stigma.

So the course is divided into several sections:  theoretical perspectives; inequalities affecting interaction; disjunctures (disconnections) in the interaction process; relationships and interaction; and social interaction online. 

In the theoretical section concepts and definitions of social interaction, identity, social structure, socialization, culture, and the theory of symbolic interaction are presented as a framework for thinking about the other modules in the course.  In the Inequalities section you will read about gender issues, race and racism and age and ageism – all related to inequalities between people and how these issues affect interaction.  In the disjunctures in the interaction process section the focus is on visible and invisible barriers to everyday social interaction with a discussion of spoiled interactants and mental illness and labelling.  The relationships and interaction section deals with emotional labour, family interaction and violence, and relationships and interaction.  Finally, the social interaction online module deals with networking and cyberspace and the social problem of cyberbullying.

Benefits of the course

  • Social Interaction brings together diverse sociological concepts that may be learned in lower level courses in a way that ties them together with a particular focus.
  • The violence/abuse content of this course is sufficient that it will be considered an elective for the UNB Family Violence Certificate program.
  • Social Interaction provides students with particular knowledge about how inequalities of gender/sexuality, race, and age affect their daily interactions, as well as how issues such as stigma and labeling likewise influence communication.

No prerequisites

Course Instructor:

Barbara Fisher-Townsend, Ph.D.

Course Features:

Each module of the course has an online article to read which will be linked through the UNB library Course Reserves. 

Course Format:

There are 13 modules in total for this course.  The first is an introduction to the course and the instructor.  The next 12 modules are content based, each with a powerpoint presentation and accompanying notes.  As well, each module has an article to read related to the content.

Each module of the course is organized around a three-pronged strategy:  (1) review;-- where I ask that you read both the powerpoint slides and accompanying notes and the article(s) for the module  (2) reflect;-- where you will think about what you have read and consider any questions you have, and (3) respond;  – where I will ask you to respond to particular issues related to the topic.

Course Texts:

There is no textbook for this course.  All readings are available online through UNB library.

Assignments & Examinations:

The final grade for this course is based on the assignments.  There is no final examination.  After students have completed all 12 modules the lowest two grades will be dropped and the other 10 module grades will be used to determine the final grade [each module is worth 10%].  Evaluation feedback for each module will be provided through the assignment drop box.
Students who do not complete all modules will lose 10% for each module not completed and the lowest two grades will not be dropped.

Time Limit:

6 months from the student registration date. All course assignments must be completed by the designated end date.

Special Start or End Dates:

This course is delivered asynchronously so students may enroll throughout the year.


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