Course Fees

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Course Tuition

To view course tuition and fee schedules, visit Tuition & Fees or, view the UNB calendar for undergraduate tuition and fees

The following descriptions explain the fees charged on tuition for Online courses.

Online Course Technology Support Fee

All online course offerings will have a non-refundable technology fee applied to them. This fee is used to assist with the additional technical and administrative support required for online courses.

UNB Technology Fee

Each term students are charged a technology fee, which was first introduced in 2002 to help offset the cost of updating and purchasing technological resources used by the university community. These resources include computer stations, web kiosks, digital projectors, wireless internet support, etc.


All part-time undergraduate students at UNB Fredericton are assessed a fee that helps support the Adult Learners and Part-time Students group, which represents this section of the student body, organizes social functions for its members and runs a scholarship and bursary program open to all part-time students enrolled on the Fredericton campus.

Course Media Fee

Undergraduate students are charged a fee that funds the university's two student newspapers and radio stations.

International Student Differential Fee

Full-time students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents are required to pay a differential fee because their education is not subsidized through the federal or provincial government. Students who receive permanent resident status will have their differential fees adjusted for the term in which the permanent residency occurs. Visit the Prospective International Students website for more details.

Facilities Improvement Fee

For each term in which they are enrolled, students are charged an improvement fee that provides funds to renew university facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, buildings and infrastructure at UNB. These funds may be put toward projects like improving electrical and ventilation systems; repairing or replacing building components such as roofs, windows and classrooms; renovating or purchasing items such as auditorium seats and laboratory fume hoods; and servicing infrastructure needs such as water pipes and roadways. Click here to view a more detailed explanation of this fee and a list of past projects that have been funded through this initiative.

Materials Deposit

A refundable fee which varies per course. The full amount will be returned to the student upon return of the materials in good order.

UNB Policy Regarding International Health Insurance

*Students must provide proof of personal health insurance in order to opt out of the UNB health insurance plan. Please click here to view UNB's Policies Regarding International Health Insurance.