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Course No. and Title:

ECON3205 The Taxation of Business Income: Principles and Practice

Credit Value:

Three (3) credit hours

Benefits of the course

  • Understand the benefits of using a corporation and learn considerations for the right time to create one.
  • Discuss different share ownership structures and how to achieve financial planning objectives.
  • Understand the pros and cons from using trusts.
Course Description:

ECON3205 examines the taxation of corporate income and the theory underlying the taxation system as expressed in the Income Tax Act (Canada).  Topics include calculation of income for tax purposes, application of tax rates, the theory of integration, tax planning, and the social policies underlying the taxation system

On completion of this course students should be able to explain basic tax concepts related to preparing corporate tax returns, deciding how to structure an investment in a corporation, reorganizing a corporate group to optimize tax planning and should be able to prepare a calculation of corporate taxes payable.  Students will also be able to identify planning opportunities to optimize taxes payable when triggers are presented.

Prerequisite: This builds upon course material covered in Econ 3204 and therefore this course is recommended as a prerequisite, although not required.
Course Author:

Candace Sears
Department of Economics
UNB, Fredericton

Course Features:

The course materials includes detailed slides for note taking, followed by video lectures (available for viewing any time on youtube).  Optional practice quizzes for each module are available to complete on Desire2Learn.

Course Format:

The topics covered in this course are outlined below:

Topic 1 – Introduction, Overview of tax system, and administration

Topic 2 – Definition of Control, Canadian Controlled Private Corporations, and the Small Business Deduction

Topic 3 – Determining Related and Associated Entities

Topic 4 – Concept of Integration and Taxation of Corporate Investment Income

Topic 5 – Other Issues in Corporate Taxation

Topic 6 – Corporate Taxation and Management Decisions

Topic 7 – Rollovers under Section 85

Topic 8 – Other Rollovers and Sale of an Incorporated Business

Topic 9 – Trusts and Estate Planning

Topic 10 – HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)

Course Texts:


Assignments & Examinations:
Quiz 1 – Topics 1 to 4 10%
Quiz 2 – Topics 5 to 7 10%
Quiz 3 – Topics 8 to 10 10%
Final Exam – Comprehensive paper exam 70%

Evaluation methods include multiple choice, short answer, and case study questions that will require students to apply theory and also prepare calculations. 

Quizzes will be available for completion on D2L and are open book.  The final exam must be written under the supervision of an invigilator and is a comprehensive review of the course material.

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Time Limit: 6 months from registration date. All course exams and/or assignments must be completed by the designated end date of your course.

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If you have previously registered in this online course and wish to register again, please contact us at 453-4646 to complete the registration process.