ADM 3345

Subject: Business Administration

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Course No. and Title:

ADM 3345 Marketing Research

Credit Value:

Three (3) credit hours

Course Description:

As the complexity of problems facing marketing managers increases (for that matter, any manager), so does the need for information – about the environment, about the competition and especially, about the customer.

Today, we live in a global village, one where information is the currency that is most needed. Marketing managers who have the most, and best quality, information and who are best able to organize, understand and use it, will have the most power. As a result of this ability, better decisions are going to be made for the organization.

As such, this course is all about teaching students how to gather and synthesize quality information upon which marketers and managers can act. Students will learn that marketing research is the set of tools that have been developed to assist in the collection and analysis of information, primarily information about all types of customers.

More succinctly, from the UNB Undergradute Calendar, the course description for ADM 3345 can be found stated as: “Examines the design and conduct of research for marketing decision-making. Includes problem formulation, obtaining and organizing data, advanced analytical techniques, questionnaire design, market testng, and analysis of results.


ADM 1313 and ADM 3315

Course Instructor:

Dr. Reginald G. Sheppard, Faculty of Business Administration,
The University of New Brunswick @ Fredericton
Fredericton, NB, Canada
Phone: 506-458-7358
Fax: 506-453-3561


Course Features:

Course topics will be covered in a sequence of modules (course topics), for a total of 15 in this course. It is important that each module be completed in its entirety before proceeding to the next course module (course topic). The course modules (topics) will be completed via assigned textbook and journal article readings, online discussions and participation, completion of a course project, as well as three comprehensive course exams.

Course Texts:

Textbook:  Burns, A. C. and R. F. Bush (2006), Marketing Research, 7th Edition, Prentice Hall. 

Journal Articles:

  • Churchill, G. A. (1979). A Paradigm For Developing Better Measures of Marketing Constructs. Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 16 (February), pp. 64-73.
  • Davis, D. F., Golicic, S. L., Boerstler, C. N. (2011). Benefits and Challenges of Conducting Multiple Methods Research in Marketing. Journal of The Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 39, No. 3, pp. 467-479.
  • Ganeshasundaram, R., and Henley, N. (2006). The Prevalence and Usefulness of Market Research: An Empirical Investigation Into ‘Background’ Versus ‘Decision’ Research. International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 48, Issue 5, pp. 525-550.
  • Mitchell, V. W., and Davies, R. (1995). Does Market Research Encourage The Development of Frivolous Products? Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 13, Issue 1, pp. 28-34.

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Assignments & Examinations:

Online Discussion and Participation - 10%
Course Project - 30%
Three Course Exams (20 marks each) - 60%

Total Marks - 100%

All three exams are online, closed book exams.

All mid-term exams and final exams for online courses will be invigilated at an approved time and location. Please refer to the Online Exam Request Form to book.

Time Limit:

6 months from registration date. All course exams and/or assignments must be completed by the designated end date of your course.


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