Online Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

Taught by professionals in the field, UNB’s Occupational Health & Safety Certificate focuses on equipping learners with practical process skills, rather than technical content alone. COHS graduates are better able to assess risk and practice loss management.

The Certificate is designed to meet different needs. Current OHS practitioners may take the COHS program to add to their OHS credentials.  Many people looking for a career change take the COHS program to gain entry to the OHS field. The Certificate is also designed to prepare students to write the exam to become a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) as granted by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP). The program closely follows the nine domains covered in the CRSP certification exam blueprint.

Who should attend?

UNB's Online Certificate is designed to help practitioners from different backgrounds develop the broad base of competencies needed to be effective in the development, implementation, and evaluation of occupational health and safety programs and systems.

Unique Online Format

The Certificate is available in a completely online, self-paced learning format that fits your schedule. When you enrol in the Certificate, you can rest assured that UNB staff will be there to meet your unique needs. Please click on any of the links on this page to view information about this program, pricing, request more information or to apply. Prior OHS (and former CHSEP) courses are completely transferable.

Benefits of the Certificate Program

  • Gain solid knowledge and practical skills related to current OHS&E practices
  • Upon completion of the OHS, certificate holders will meet the formal education requirements for certification by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals. OHS&E employment and experience requirements must also be met in order to be eligible for certification.
  • UNB’s program is fully online, which provides no restrictions to where you learn and no associated travel costs.
  • UNB’s program has been developed and is instructed by certified and experienced health and safety professionals.
  • The UNB program is self-paced so you learn at your own speed.
  • Instructional guidance is available with the click of a mouse.

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Fees and Schedule

The program may be taken one course at a time, at a cost of $595 per course or, students may opt to register into the entire certificate, at a cost of $6,545 for all eleven courses. Students have ten weeks to complete each course, while the full program may take approximately two years to complete.

More information

To enrol in the Online Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (UNBOHS) at UNB, contact the UNB OHS office today for more information or to register:

UNB Online
10 MacKay Drive, PO Box 4400
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5A3
Tel: 506-453-4694 or Toll Free 1-888-259-4222
Fax: 506-447-3169


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Please note: Access to a course can take 2 business days after payment is received.


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