Certificate in Occupational Health Nursing

Certificate in Occupational Health Nursing

Enhance your Nursing expertise with the tools and knowledge necessary in today’s Occupational Health sector. The 11-course program will prepare you to practice as an Occupational Health Nurse. You will gain the skills to assess and promote employee health, prevent injury and disease, facilitate rehabilitation of ill or injured employees, position occupational health as a business strategy, develop compliance strategies to address health and safety legislation, and more.


The applicant must be a Registered Nurse and must meet one of the following work experience criteria to be accepted into the University of New Brunswick, Certificate in Occupational Health Nursing

1. Minimum 6 months of experience in a Registered Nurse role and also currently employed full time as a Registered Nurse
2. Minimum 2 years of clinical practice experience, regardless of current employment status

Registered Nurses that do not meet the work experience criteria but feel they have special circumstances can apply and their application will be reviewed. Please email ohninfo@unb.ca with any questions.

Please ensure your application is complete with the following attachments to prove you meet the above prerequisite criteria:

1. Registered Nurse (RN) - please provide your practice permit valid for this year from your respective province. Example from Alberta can be printed thru www.nurses.ab.ca.
2. Work Experience as an RN - please provide your most current resume clearly outlining your years of experience as an RN.

Unique Online Format

The Certificate in Occupational Health Nursing is available online, in a self-paced learning format that fits your schedule. When you enrol, UNB staff will be there to meet your unique needs. Please click on any of the links on this page to learn more about this program, including course descriptions, pricing, or how to apply.

Two course offerings incorporate practical experience within the learner's community.
COHN 5120 - Occupational Health Screening & Analysis: Online learning is supplemented with 4 supervised skill demonstrations within the learner's local community.
COHN 5210 - Final Occupational Health Nursing Project: An approved work placement complements the online learning, permitting students to apply the cumulative knowledge gained from courses to a real time occupational health nursing setting.

Benefits of the Occupational Health Nursing Program

Gain solid knowledge and skills related to OHN management positions.

  • UNB's program is online and self-paced.
  • UNB's program has been developed by certified and experienced occupational health nursing professionals and subject matter experts.
  • UNB has been the leader in online Occupational Health & Safety education for the past 2 decades.
  • Instructional guidance and online support is readily available by phone or email.
Fees and Schedule

The Certificate in Occupational Health Nursing can be taken one course at a time, at an introductory rate of $695 per course; students have thirteen weeks to complete each course. Complete the full certificate in 2 to 3 years part time. If you do not want to complete the entire certificate you can enrol in an individual course.

More information

To enrol in the Online Occupational Health Nursing program at UNB, contact the UNB OHN office today for more information or you may register online by clicking on the “apply now” button.

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