Credit for military training

UNB will assess military training for possible credit as it applies to your UNB program.

The following documentation is required:

  • A current MPRR
  • Course reports for language training, if applicable
  • Transcripts from RMC for Officer Professional Military Education courses
  • Should you request Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for training that UNB has not previously assessed, you will need to provide detailed information on course content. A learning summary specifying how this training fits within your program or courses at UNB will be a part of your assessment submission
  • UNB application and fee for PLA. Contact us for details.

Prior learning assessment (PLA)

Aside from your military training, non-formal learning may also be assessed through a Prior Learning Assessment.

In order to make an assessment of your learning, the appropriate Faculty assessment committee needs to understand the following components:

  • Your prior knowledge/skills
  • Relevance of your learning in relation to the desired outcomes of the program/course(s) for which the PLA credit is being sought (How does your learning connect to, or is equivalent to the course or program content?)
  • Analysis of your learning demonstrated by:
    • A detailed learning summary that targets a particular subject area
    • A portfolio of learning that is more broad based in nature
    • An interview with a designated faculty member; or
    • A challenge exam
  • Evidence of your learning supported by such documentation as:
    • Certificates, course reports, transcripts, course content
    • Samples of work
    • Letters of attestation, performance reviews, etc.

It is up to you to provide detailed documentation that clearly demonstrates your learning as it relates to the course or program under review.

Please click here to download the updated list of credit awarded for military training.

To make an appointment with the Coordinator of Adult Learner Support Services for PLA advising, phone (506) 458-7976 or email.

Officer Professional Military Education (OPME) equivalents

UNB CourseCHOPME course
POLS 2200 Canadian government and politics 6 ch POE206

HIST 4806 Canadian Defence Forces (A) or

HIST 3835 Canada and the Experience of War 1600-2000

3 ch


HIST 1815 Military History from Plato to NATO