Before you start - Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a specific age to qualify for application to the PLA process?
No. There is no minimum or maximum age requirement to qualify for application to the PLA process. PLA credits will show on the student's transcript only after registration is completed.

How many course credits can I get through PLA?    
With few exceptions, in order to earn a degree from UNB, a minimum of 50% of your course load must be taken at UNB. Some programs have specific requirements, so it is important to check with an academic advisor when starting the PLA process. It is possible to achieve a maximum of 50% of the university credits required for a UNB degree through transfer credit and the PLA process. The number of credits that a PLA candidate obtains depends upon the nature and extent of their learning, and how well their learning matches the program requirements for which application of PLA has been made on average is 9 credit hours are given for PLA.

Do I have to be accepted or registered in a university program to be eligible for PLA?
Yes, you must either be registered in a university program or be in the process of applying for registration into a university program.

I have already taken a few courses at UNB. Can I still apply for PLA?
Yes. In some cases, you may need some experience in your UNB program to identify courses for which you might seek PLA.

Is there a fee for PLA?    
Yes. There is a non-refundable service fee of $450.00 per application. The PLA fee is for the assessment process and is not related to the amount of credit sought or awarded. Once you have met with the PLA coordinator and finalized your PLA submission, you will then complete the application form and pay the fee. At this point your learning will be assessed for academic credit.