Taking the Guess Work Out of Management (Tactical Managerial Domain)

CCME 1002

Regardless of the sector in which a manager works, he/she will benefit from having an overarching framework understanding how a group of functions fit in with the organization overall strategy, and having a strategy for defining problems and making decisions.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Managers benefit from having operations management framework for accessing and managing a group of functions.
  • Has an operations model for integrating people and processes
  • Can effectively facilitate accountability
  • Has a proven model for evaluating a group of functions
  • Has a strategy for obtaining transparency
  • Has a model for determining what is important to measure
  • Appreciates how an organization can influence employee effectiveness
Problem Solving  
Manager effectiveness is enhanced by the ability to define and solve problems
  • Uses proven problem solving model
  • Knows how to get to the root causes of most problems
  • Can analyze problems for risk
  • Skilled at avoiding assumptions when problems solving
  • Knows how to evaluate relationship risk in problem solving   
  • Confident in ability to solve problems
Decision Making
Manager effectiveness is enhanced by the ability to make effective decisions with the information available
  • Confident decision maker  
  • Anticipates consequences before making decisions
  • Considers timing when making a decision
  • Has a structured decision making model
  • Collaborative decision making process
  • Aware of decision making profile
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