Supporting Mental Health Risk (Tactical Managerial Domain)

CCME 1111

This course introduces managers to the topic of mental health, exploring the common mental health issues employees may experience and therefore, managers need to be prepared to deal with. The course covers the topic of relevant legal developments, describes the 13 factors of the national standard on psychological health and safety in the workplace, and indicates how manages can create that psychologically healthy and safe workplace. Another key topic of this course is addressing addictions in the workplace.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Insight into Mental Health
Manager success will be influenced by their understanding of mental health and the continuum from happy to mental illness.
  • Can define mental health and illness  
  • Aware of the cost of mental health on productivity
  • Can measure the intangible cost of mental health on productivity
  • Has a working knowledge of what is depression
  • Aware of the trends in legislation referred to as the perfect storm
  • Knows what is meant by the term psychological injury
New 13 Psychological Factor Standard
Manager success is enhanced by having a healthy and productive workforce.
  • Can identify the 13 factors of psychological safety and health (PSH)
  • Knows how to benchmark the 13 factors
  • Understands the purpose of the 13 PSH factors
  • Confident how a manager can promote the 13 PSH factors
  • Understands what employers can do to support the 13 PSH factors
  • Understands how the 13 PSH factors can address legal obligations
Promoting Psychological Safety
Workforce productivity is enhanced by the ability to protect employee psychological safety and well-being.
  • Understands the employer’s duty to accommodate
  • Knows how to develop an accommodation
  • Understands how managers can support an employee with a mental health issue
  • Understands how to confront an employee on drugs in the workplace    
  • Confident in how a manager must address employees whose behaviours suggest they may have a mental health issue  
  • Understands the negative impact of stigma and what a manager can do to reduce it
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