Supervisors Toolbox (Tactical Managerial Domain)

CCME 1005

Any manager who has been assigned direct reports and is not an individual contributor will benefit from having developed their supervision skills. 

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Supervisory fundamentals
Manager effectiveness is enhanced by having tactical supervisory skills for maximize employee productivity
  • Understands how to delegate
  • Well organized
  • Manages workflow effectively
  • Understands how to supervise through generational differences
  • Has a basic understanding of risk management
  • Knows when how to use pride to motivate employees
Providing direct reports with timely, regular, and meaningful feedback enhances manager effectiveness.
  • Understands how to provide meaningful feedback
  • Has a model for giving appraisal feedback
  • Recognizes the link between feedback and motivation
  • Knows how to maximize discretionary effort
  • Monitors the kinds of feedback I am providing
  • Encourages reports to ask clarification questions
Goal Setting
Manager effectiveness is enhanced by their implementation, and monitoring of assigned goals.
  • Efficient at tracking daily action items
  • Manages multiple operational goals
  • Aligns goals to a strategic plan  
  • Understands the elements needed to develop a strategic plan
  • Writes effective SMART goals
  • Understands the purpose of a cascading goal
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