Navigating People-Driven Crisis (Tactical Managerial Domain)

CCME 1107

A crisis is any situation that is outside the realm of normal that requires a response. Crises can take all forms. For example, bullying is a crisis for a victim. In a fast-paced world, managers are well served in having the basics in crisis management, understanding the need to protect employee psychological well-being, and legal obligations to employees. 

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Crisis Management
Manager success is enhanced by the ability to manage crises.
  • Aware of the different ways people cope with crisis
  • Has a defined crisis management model
  • Understand the manager’s role in crisis management
  • Confident in my crisis management skills
  • Understand what skills need to be kept current
  • Able to help others during a crisis
Promoting Psychological Safety & Well-being
Manager success is enhanced by the ability to protect employee psychological safety and well-being.
  • Understands the employer’s duty to accommodate
  • Knows how to develop an accommodation
  • Understands how to manage attendance management challenges
  • Has a model for promoting psychological safety in the workplace
  • Understands how to confront an employee on drugs in the workplace    
  • Understands how to support an employee who is having an emotional breakdown
Employee Law Basics   
Manager success is enhanced by the ability to respect employee rights with an awareness of employee law.

  • Understands OHS legislation  
  • Knows how Human Rights apply in the workplace
  • Knows the current employee labor standards that apply to my workplace  
  • Understands how to apply a collective agreement
  • Knows the red flags for when I should obtain legal advice
  • Can access local employee law guidelines
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