Conflict, Mediation and Negotiation Toolbox (Tactical Managerial Domain)

CCME 1106

Managers who have the skills to address conflict, mediate and negotiate are in a better position to obtain win-win resolutions, and spend less time and energy in conflict.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Conflict Resolution
Manager success is enhanced by skills to resolve conflict
  • Anticipate conflict before it occurs
  • Confident in ability to confront conflict  
  • Does not avoid dealing with conflict
  • Understands the typical ways people deal with conflict  
  • Applies best practices when dealing with conflict
  • Skilled at moving through conflict to solutions
Manager success is enhanced by skills to assist parties resolve conflict.
  • Understands the dispute resolution continuum
  • Can facilitate mediation   
  • Understands the mediator’s role
  • Knows when not to mediate a dispute
  • Understands the elements for a win-win agreement
  • Understands how the mediator ensures neutrality
A basic understanding of the negotiation process enhances manager success.

  • Can describe the negotiation process
  • Understands the key negotiation skills
  • Aware of the main purpose for any negotiations
  • Knows why some negotiations fail
  • Confident in ability to support the negotiation process
  • Understands how to frame a BATNA
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