Managing Challenging Behaviours (Tactical Managerial Domain)

CCME 1004

Performance management is not only about managing the proactive elements such as performance reviews and employee development. There are times when managers need to respond to unwanted employee behaviours.  

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Managing Unwanted Behaviours  
Understanding of policies, procedures, and legislation before confronting any employee’s behaviour enhances manager effectiveness.
  • Familiar with the categories of employee behavioural risk  
  • Understands employee legal rights  
  • Knows why managers must be clear on all the rules, policies and procedures
  • Comprehends labour standards
  • Understands the steps for a typical termination
  • Appreciates the differences between union and non-union workplaces
Facilitating Discipline
Manager effectiveness is enhanced by the skills to facilitate discipline in a professional manner.
  • Confident in ability to administer discipline   
  • Understands how to facilitate a discipline investigation Understands the different types of employee discipline
  • Secure in issuing verbal warnings  
  • Understands how to write a written warning
  • Confident in my ability to issue an employee suspension
Confronting Unwanted Behaviours
Manager effectiveness will be enhanced by the skills to confront unwanted behaviour in an objective manner.
  • Confident at managing employee bursts of anger   
  • Skilled in facilitating difficult conversations
  • Understands how different personalities respond when confronted
  • Certain in ability to address inappropriate behaviours   
  • Has a structure process for correcting employee behaviours  
  • Knows what to do when an employee resists correction
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