Operations Management Toolbox (Tactical Managerial Core Competencies)

CCME 1102

Operational skills can benefit manager effectiveness.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Manager success can be influenced by their ability to navigate operational reporting.
  • Can read basic financial reports
  • Understands the purpose of key performance indicators
  • Can create a basic operational report
  • Recognizes the purpose of a balance scorecard
  • Knows basic financial ratios
  • Can read an operational report
Project Management
Manager success can be enhanced by their ability to oversee projects.
  • Can scope and frame a project
  • Has a strategy for managing projects
  • Can use project management tools  
  • Confident in project management skills
  • Understands how to calculate ROI  
  • Understands how to assess project risk
Operations Management
Manager success can be enhanced through their operational management capacity.
  • Has a basic understanding of operations management
  • Can write a standing operational procedure
  • Understands the benefits for knowledge management
  • Understands the link between customer expectations and operations
  • Can facilitate an operations audit  
  • Can define the benefits of a quality control program
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