Leading and Managing Through Change (Tactical Managerial Domain)

CCME 1103

Manager success is enhanced by their ability to adapt and lead change.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Change Managers
Manager success is enhanced by a foundation in change management
  • Can define change management
  • Understands the anatomy of change
  • Understand the common drivers that facilitate change  
  • Has an understanding how to frame a change management plan
  • Confident in skills to manage change
  • Aware of common change management best practices
Organizational Change
Tools to facilitate change at group level enhance manager success.
  • Can define the role of a change management team
  • Has a change management strategy
  • Knows how to frame a change management message
  • Confident in abilities to write change management communications   
  • Appreciates the kind of metrics used to monitor and measure change  
  • Comfortable using the Plan – Do – Check – Action model
Individual Change
Tools to facilitate change at the individual level enhance manager success.
  • Understands how personality can influence employees coping with change   
  • Has a change model for assisting employee cope with change
  • Confident in ability to assist an employee through change
  • Knows how people typically respond to change Familiar with best practices for helping employees cope with change
  • Appreciates why employees resist change
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