Leading From Within  (Intrapersonal Domain)

CCME 1000

This course facilitates a discussion on the importance of self-leadership. Before managers can be effective leading others,  they will need to first be able to manage themselves.

In this course, you will be asked to complete the Hogan Personality Inventory, which  measures normal personality characteristics necessary for job fit, effective relationships, and career success. Through the assessment process, you will enhance your own self-awareness by determining how best to leverage your strengths and address your areas for growth. Intrapersonal skills are the skills that define how effectively a person can manage themselves and take responsibility for their actions and behaviour.

This course discusses the skills and traits that successful leaders have and how they acquire them.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Stress Tolerance:
Managers require the ability to handle pressure without getting upset, moody, or anxious at work.
  • Remain calm under pressure
  • Poised even when facing adversity
  • Manage stress well
  • Remain optimistic in hard times
  • Treat others with respect under stress
  • Ability to multi-task in stressful situations
Managers require the ability to make logical decisions without direction.
  • Can work without supervision
  • Self starter
  • Words and actions are consistent
  • Corrects own mistakes  
  • Internally driven to improve
  • Well organized
Managers require the ability to be self- aware with respect to the impact of their attitudes and behaviours on others.
  • Ensures the mood does not negatively impact others  
  • Pays attention to the needs of others
  • Treats others with respect
  • Open to the opinions of others    
  • Aware of own personality type and preferences
  • Welcomes feedback
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