Leadership vs. Management  (Management Domain)

CCME 1003

Leadership and management are terms that require two different sets of skills.

In this course, you will be asked to complete the Hogan Development Survey, which describes the side of personality that emerges when individuals stop monitoring their behavior due to stress or complacency. This assessment will help you identify where you might focus your development efforts to become a better manager. Since no manager can be expected to have strengths in every facet of leadership, improving strategic self-awareness, or the ability to recognize gaps between personal strengths and opportunities, distinguishes great managers. Great managers build upon their strengths and find ways to address their weaknesses.

Through the assessment process, you will enhance your own self-awareness by determining how best to leverage your strengths and address your areas for growth. By understanding this side of personality, you can recognize and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem. This assessment will raise your level of self-awareness by highlighting specific areas of strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions to help you guide your career and become a better manager.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Leadership Fundamentals
Manager effectiveness is enhanced by the ability to inspire others to trust and follow directions.
  • Aware of leadership strengths   
  • Can motivate others to follow
  • Knows what it takes to be an authentic leader
  • Understands how leadership differs from management
  • Understands why many leaders fail
  • Knows what leadership traits he/she wants to improve
Managers Fundamentals
Manager effectiveness is enhanced by the ability to have employees’ complete assigned processes and tasks.
  • Can recognize the different work styles in employees
  • Knows own management style
  • Aware of the different relationship roles a manager can establish with reports  
  • Confident in his/her own management skills
  • Aware of the key behaviours of an effective manager
  • Knows how a manager can maximize people productivity
Team Leaders
Manager effectiveness is enhanced by the ability to get employees to work together to achieve a common set of goals.
  • Confident as a team leader
  • Knows how to develop a team
  • Skilled at engaging a team of employees
  • Understands the stages through which group dynamics move  
  • Appreciates why many teams have unnecessary conflict
  • Can get a team of people working towards a common goal
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