Facilitating the Employee Lifecycle (Tactical Managerial Domain)

CCME 1110

This course helps managers develop the skills to manage and support an employee's lifecycle that advances from recruitment to termination with several stages in between including orientation and career development. The course describes the stages of the employee lifecycle, explains how and why to engage in performance reviews and how to do so effectively, and discusses the value of and process of exit interviews.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Employee Lifecycle
Manager effectiveness is enhanced when they facilitate employee lifecycles.
  • Aware of a manager’s role in the employee’s lifecycle
  • Can identify the stages of the employee lifecycle
  • Can explain the role of talent management in facilitating the employee lifecycle
  • Understands where on-boarding falls within the employee lifecycle
  • Can explain how the employee lifecycle is aligned to operations
  • Can describe what talent equity is and its importance
Performance Management
Performance management is enhanced by understanding where employees are within the employee lifecycle.
  • Can describe best practice for creating a performance management strategy
  • Familiarity with metrics used to measure training programs
  • Confident in ability to do exit interviews
  • Knows how to effectively deliver a performance appraisal
  • Can describe the differences between traditional reviews and performance management
  • Can explain the benefits of 360 evaluations
Succession Planning
Succession planning is enhanced when managers are aware of where employees are in their lifecycle.
  • Understands capacity mapping
  • Understands how a manager leads succession planning
  • Has a succession plan model
  • Has tools to facilitate succession planning
  • Familiarity with the 9-box tool
  • Understands how to safely use termination to maintain a stable workforce
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