Etiquette, Ethics, and E-Communication (Interpersonal Domain)

CCME 1105

Professionalism is not an intangible. It is very tangible and it can be observed in how managers present themselves in person and online.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Manager success is enhanced by awareness of etiquette.
  • Can describe key elements for professional etiquette  
  • Applies best practices for facilitating a business conversation
  • Confident in social etiquette awareness
  • Can identify common etiquette pitfalls
  • Practices corporate manners
  • Comfortable facilitating a meeting
Being perceived as a professional with ethical standards and sound judgment enhances manager success.
  • Has a defined set of professional ethics  
  • Applies an ethical decision making model
  • Knows how to demonstrate professional ethics
  • Understands how to navigate an ethical dilemma
  • Can describe an ethical dilemma
  • Can explain the kinds of thinking errors that lead breaching professional ethics
Manager success is enhanced by the ability to navigate e-communications.

  • Understands email protocols
  • Understands e-communication social etiquette
  • Understands the rules for e-communications
  • Understands how to monitor emoticons  
  • Keeps emotions out of all e-communications
  • Knows when e-communication will not work
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