Communicating with Impact (Interpersonal Domain)

CCME 1001

Effective communication defines a manager’s ultimate success. Many managers underestimate how critical communications skills are in defining their ability to work effectively with peers and direct reports.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Non-verbal communications
Manager effectiveness is enhanced through mastery of non-verbal communications (representing approximately 70-80% of all communications).
  • Uses appropriate tone, pitch, and pacing of voice   
  • Uses appropriate posture
  • Monitors use of personal space
  • Monitors mannerisms such as gestures   
  • Uses appropriate facial expressions
  • Uses appropriate eye contract
Science of Communications
Manager effectiveness is enhanced through understanding how to manage the flight or flight response when communicating with others.
  • Understands the physical and emotional reaction in a fight or flight response
  • Can anticipate the fight or flight response in others
  • Has the verbal skills to curb a peer’s anger   
  • Effective at managing my own flight or fight response  
  • Keeps composure in any conversation
  • Understands how to facilitate a critical conversation
Art of Communications
Developing verbal communications skills enhances manager effectiveness.
  • Good listener
  • Effectively facilitates two-way conversations
  • Effectively removes miscommunications risks
  • Effective communicator  
  • Uses questions appropriately
  • Confident in ability to give feedback
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