Cognitive Strategies for Leaders (Tactical Managerial Domain)

CCME 1109

Managers in professional services are faced with constant demands to expand and grow their network, sell and think to win. 

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Critical thinking
Manager success is enhanced by critical thinking skills
  • Can describe the key elements for critical thinking
  • Familiar with game theory
  • Understands the purpose of why questions  
  • Uses critical thinking processes on a daily basis
  • Appreciates the role of deductive reasoning
  • Understands the role of intuition
Manager success is enhanced by improving selling skills
  • Has a sales strategy
  • Understands how to qualify a buyer
  • Knows how to close a deal
  • Confident in selling skills
  • Can overcome objections
  • Is effective at building networks
Influencing Strategies
Developing influencing skills enhances manager success.

  • Understands what an influencing strategy is
  • Has a defined influencing strategy
  • Can describe force field theory
  • Knows G.A.M.E
  • Can navigate workplace politics
  • Can overcome barriers before they disrupt my influencing strategies
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