Coaching Skills for Managers (Leadership Domain)

CCME 1101

Coaching is not about discipline or poor performance. It is an approach managers use to assist employees in developing behaviours that enable the employee to achieve their full potential.

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Coaching Basic  
Manager success is enhanced through developing coaching competency.
  • Clear on how a manager can use coaching skills effectively   
  • Understands the competencies required to effectively coach   
  • Aware of professional boundaries when coaching employees
  • Knows how to use coaching to facilitate employee competencies
  • Can explain the benefits of coaching
  • Can explain how coaching is different from a conversation with an employee
Coaching Model
Manager success in coaching employee is improved through adopting a structure coaching model
  • Confident in coaching abilities  
  • Has a structured coaching model
  • Skilled at setting coaching goals with employees
  • Facilitates safe coaching conversations
  • Solves problems using a coaching model  
  • Can evaluate an employee’s motivation for change
Coaching Tools
Managers success as a coach is improved through obtaining and developing coaching support skills
  • Can define the four stages of learning
  • Applies a work-life balance model   
  • Understands micro skills for coaching
  • Knows how to reduce the risk of failure in coaching  
  • Has templates to use in coaching, i.e., setting goals
  • Confident in ability to build rapport with employees
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