Beyond Engagement (Leadership Skills)

CCME 1100

An organization’s culture can influence what employees think and do. Managers cannot impose workplace culture or make employee healthy but they do have an important role influencing both.   

Core Competencies Key Performance Behaviours
Facilitating Culture
Manager effectiveness is enhanced by skills required to be a positive influence on workplace cultures.
  • Knows how to promote a winning culture
  • Knows why it is important to measure culture
  • Understands how to define and value human capital
  • Understands how to influence both culture and climate   
  • Effective at removing fundamental attribution errors can negatively impact culture
  • Knows how to curb workplace negativity
Employee Engagement
Retaining talent enhances manager effectiveness.
  • Can calculate employee turnover
  • Knows how to develop an employee value proposition
  • Clear on how to improve employee engagement
  • Familiar with employee engagement best practices
  • Has tools for facilitating employee recognition
  • Facilitates employee retention strategy
Beyond Engagement
Facilitating employee health enhances manager effectiveness.
  • Knows the stress/strain relationship  
  • Confident in coping skills  
  • Appreciates the manager’s role in reducing workplace stress
  • Understands the tangible and intangible drivers of health costs
  • Familiar with general adaptation theory  
  • Can coach an employee experiencing stress
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