About CEL

The College of Extended Learning (CEL) has been providing quality learning opportunities to adults since 1950.

We are a department of UNB that provides continuing education and professional development to individuals as well as private and public organizations, at the provincial, national and global levels.

Our History

Continuing education has a long and proud history at UNB.

Since 1950, the goal of making university education accessible to qualified learners has widened and deepened.

The English Language Programme (ELP), established in 1950, boasts an international reputation for its unique and effective ways of teaching English as an "other" language. Close to 1500 participants from 66 countries benefit from ELP annually.

Personal and professional development, in the form of non-credit courses and programs, began in 1972 and has expanded to include a growing array of certificates in project management, management development issues and continuing education for the professions.

What can you expect from the College of Extended Learning?

First and foremost, a commitment to professionalism and quality guides the development and delivery of educational products and services as well as our interactions with students and instructors.

CEL plays an expanded role in contributing to the social and work force development of this Province and beyond.

We make use of existing and emerging technologies to provide enhanced learning opportunities where and when they are needed.

We also work through partnerships, internal and external, public and private, to minimize competition and duplication and maximize the use of resources.

Interested in partnering with CEL? Please contact us to review the possibilities.